Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Fashion Review

This year proved to be a fashion roller coaster filled with ups and downs. Here are some of the trends and most memorable style moments of 2008:

Britney Spears is back in a big way. She's fit and fashionable. For her upcoming tour that was announced this year, her style coincides with the "circus" theme. Let's just say Britney and her top hat rock!

Who can forget Lauren Conrad's braid? It was a hot trend in Hollywood and beyond. Did you ever try it out? I definitely did =)

Although the first Season of Gossip Girl aired it 2007, it didn't actually finish 'til 2008 due to the Writer's Guild Strike. As the world fell in love with the show, we all became enamored with the clothes that the socialites donned. 

Who can forget the Katie Holmes boyfriend jeans debuted in August?! And the pixie cut... These looks were definitely the subject of many discussions.

I know there were many more trends, but I can't remember all of the past 12 months! What sticks in your mind the most about 2008's fashions?


Couture Carrie said...

Ah yes, the cuffed bf jean - definitely one of the fashion headlines of the year! Along with the return of grunge and 80s fashions... And let's not forget Vicky Beckam's line, and the SJP dress faux-pas!

Love this post!

Happy New Year, JtG darling!
Wishing you a fab celebration and a fashionable 2009!


MyFashionAddictions said...

yes, bf jeans lol!

and scarves.
and skinny jeans which seem to be here to stay.
knee high boots.

Meg said...

Boyfriend jeans have definately been huge. And I love Gossip Girl!

yiqin; said...

I LOVE THE BRITNEY COMEBACKS! She was def the highlight of 2008. Happuy New Year! :)

Jadore-Fashion said...

Lot of grunge and 80s style, plaids, Harem pants, bf pants...
have a wonderful new year, see you in 09 ;)

Kate said...

What a great post!

Angela said...

happy a happy 2009! i adore the one shoulder dress in 2008.

Roxy said...

How fun, great post!

Happy New Year, Gorgeous!


Syed said...

I loved the pegged bf jeans! And a Happy New Years :)

caroline said...

i'm totally not ashamed that i am OBSESSED with Gossip Girl! I just hope they keep moving forward with the fashion!
Happy New Year!

Reena Rai said...

The crowning moment for me was Gossip Girl...cant wait for season 2 to air (we are deprived in the UK!). Apparently we are going to see much more of cuffed boyfriend jeans in '09