Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hills...Right in My Backyard...Sort of

Last night watching The Hills, it really hit me how “in the middle” of it all I am. Since I work in West Hollywood (and have an amazing view of the Hollywood Hills!), I am surrounded by the places seen on the show each week.

Last night, for example, the ladies of The Hills went to the SLS Hotel for the grand opening party. That hotel is a 5 minute drive from my work. SBE, Heidi’s place of employment, is about 5 minutes away as well. And the street that they showed Lauren walking down to get to a hair salon before the SLS party is the same street I work on (it’s a pretty small street), that leads to Melrose.

Plus, the famous club that Lauren and Heidi had their big blowout at about two seasons ago, Area, is like 2 minutes from my work. (p.s. I went there for a fashion show and wasn't that impressed. Wasn't diggin' the grandma's basement feel.)

It’s all pretty exciting!

On The Hills After Show Lauren’s big surprise announcement was that the show will continue on, despite the rumors that she is over it. I wasn’t too shocked since she’s gotten where she is in fashion due to her celebrity…not because young women would otherwise pay $100 for a plain T-shirt.

As far as the After Show ensembles, some looked amazing (Heidi), while others just looked horrid (Whitney). I’m sorry, I know that she now resides in The City and NY is fashion-forward, but the hippie love child trend is one better left in the past. Just my opinion.

Photos courtesy of: MTV and Barberqrecors.blogspot.com


Angela said...

i think i am the only person who still has not watched the hills.... have a merry x-mas.

Jadore-Fashion said...

i was really feeling whitney head piece with that outfit. loved heidi's dress, but not so much the choice of shoes.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Yes, you are one lucky duck Leeann! I need to visit you during your work hours, so we can walk up and down the street and see who we run into. Maybe during a vacation day of mine some day ;)

Anonymous said...

I was not a fan of Whitney's outfit at all. I am so jealous of your surroundings!

Anonymous said...

oh whitney does look horrid...

merry christmas eve!

La C.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I am really looking forward to the city, since Whitney was always one of my ways :)... I was pretty disappointed with Whitney's outfit. Her latest style choices have been a little off....