Monday, December 15, 2008

Melrose Merchandise

Over the weekend I went shopping on Melrose, an LA street known for fashionable boutiques like Ed Hardy, Fred Seigel, Betsey Johnson, Peoples Republic, and others. I was accompanied by my friend Elana of Diary of a Personal Shopper who suggested we visit Wasteland, a vintage shop that also buys high-end clothes. I was all in for selling my Seven Jeans that I have never worn, unfortunately they weren't interested. They also passed on Elana's Mark Jacobs, Gucci, and Louis Vutton items. Apparently they weren't looking for our items or those brands?

Despite the rejection from the Wasteland sales associate, we continued on our journey. Since I was with a personal shopper, I was lucky to have her thoughts and suggestions as I looked for an outfit that I could wear to an LA suburb club that night for a friend's birthday. because of time constraints, I didn't find anything. But I did get a grasp of just how big the flannel trend currently is on the West Coast. (Head over to Diary of a Personal Shopper to learn more.)

While walking down the street we did get a bit excited to lock eyes with former NSYNC hottie JC Chasez. It's always fun to have a celeb sighting. I must say though, the former boy band member is looking a little rugged with the facial hair he's currently got goin' on.

Oh and p.s. you will find little to no public restrooms on the street. Make sure to make a pit stop pre-Melrose =)

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Angela said...

i love shopping at melrose. there are so many interesting shops and places to eat.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Oh, and can gas stations puh-lease put a sign on stations that don't work BEFORE you go to pay? Geeezzzz....

we wear things said...

sounds like a fantastic shopping trip!!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

That sounds like a fun adventure.... :)

Kate said...

In my opinion, places like Wasteland are now only wanting "vintage" stuff. They never take any of my preppier labels. Oh well!

Budget Beauty Mommy said...

Hey dear,

Sounds like you and Elana had loads of fun! Hehe you've even managed to catch some celeb sighting :)

So what did you end up wearing for your party?

Marian said...

lovely post,Melrose seems like a great place to shop.
wishing you a fab holiday and lovely new year.