Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celebrity Catching Up

Hi all. First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts. Work is really getting to be out of control as far as the hours I work. I have no life anymore, and you can imagine how hard it is to post new blogs when every work day is about 13-15 hours long (drive included).

Despite the ridiculous schedule, I did get a little break earlier this week to enjoy a hike in Runyon Canyon. This is a great location to get some exercise by climbing hills. At the top of the "mountain" there is an amazing view of Los Angeles. You can see everything from the skyscrapers downtown to the sparking ocean. It's quite beautiful!

This park is a hot spot for celebrities and many TV shows and movies are filmed there. In fact, you have probably seen Runyon Canyon while watching shows like "The Hills," "Daddy's Girls," and/or "Life in the Fab Lane" in which Kimora acted as a photographer for the first time in a photo shoot.

While I was there I spotted a few celebrities including Jennifer Aniston (super-skinny but with hips, kinda short, and not wearing makeup), Orlando Bloom (actually really cute in person, never really noticed before), and Heidi Montag (tiny, big glasses, and big lips).

It was pretty cool to be walking alongside these celebrities. 

Of course it's LA so nobody made a scene or bothered any of these stars. It was pretty amazing to see how normal they seemed in the setting though.

Also spotted twice in the past month, Benji Madden. He must live near my work because I've seen him two times recently filling up his Jag at the gas station in our paring lot. Thursday he was getting gas as I was walking into my building. A co-worker and I spotted him--and he saw us spot him--so my co-worker said hi (I of course froze!). Benji was extremely polite as he smiled, said hello, and asked us how we were doing. By the way, he's looking pretty hot. He was always cute, as in his twin Joel who is celebrating Nicole Richie's second pregnancy, but Benji has lost a lot of weight and looks great!

So that's my life now-a-days. Working overtime, but spotting celebrities every now and then.

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MyFashionAddictions said...

Omg!!!! This is so cool lol and I'm so fascinated by your celeb spotting tales. :)

I live outside the US, but have visited a few times briefly.. So yea.:p Celebs are an even bigger deal to us "foreigners" haha. I always wonder how to go out amongs the "people" and do regular things like grocery shop or fill up gas without getting stormed by fans.

Definitly wanna hear more.
p.s. love that you described what they're like in person from your observations.

Megan Cassidy said...

lol thats so cool! I would have froze up too! I went to Vegas in Feb. and one of my friends actually met him while we were there, she also said he was very nice.

Couture Carrie said...

Love your celeb sightings!! You totally have to start snapping their pics!


Meg said...

Wow, that must be strange to see celebrity is real life, doing real life stuff like getting gas! Definately does happen in my area, not a huge film business like LA.

Marian said...

How cool honey! hope you have a good wknd sweetie.
muah x

yiqin; said...

Ah I used to love the madden brothers so much.

Syed said...

Your work sounds so hectic! How wonderful to take time out to go hiking :) Oooh and how exciting to see so many celebs!!

Angela said...

ah... don't work too hard!!!

stylefrontier said...

the canyon seems so great dear! hope can visit it sometimes :)
the celeb spotting seems so fun too
dont forget to take a rest although you have a hectic schedule


Reena Rai said...

Ahhh celeb spotting, so cool!! I would totally freeze or spout loads of rubbish lol I'm not a cool customer!

Fashion Dreamer xx

Unknown said...

What a lucky girl...

Anonymous said...

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