Monday, June 8, 2009

In My Absence I Have Been...

I know I have been majorly slacking in the posting department—my apologies! As I have mentioned a million times before, my daily commute to work is four hours…or should I say was?

Yup, I finally did it! I moved to Los Angeles. I am on the border of Los Angeles and West Hollywood to be exact. For those of you who are unfamiliar with LA, almost all of the cities here are considered LA, even if they aren’t. And cities are broken up by locations within the cities. There are literally different zip codes by street.

So Hollywood isn’t just Hollywood. There’s regular Hollywood ( Hollywood Blvd. complete with the Walk of Fame and Kodak Theatre), North Hollywood (Universal Studios), and then there’s West Hollywood (lots of hot, but unfortunately gay, guys walking precious dogs on Santa Monica Blvd., the Sunset Strip and Melrose). Oh yeah, and you can’t forget the Hollywood Hills where the celebs dwell in their mansions.

Anyways, I moved last Saturday and I am just about settled. I have some more unpacking to do but the big moving is over.

I can’t wait to settle in and have life. I have been so exhausted that I haven’t gone out or done much in months. I’m 25, it’s time to start living!

So now that my commute will be less than 20 minutes round trip, I should have much more time to get back to my regular blogging. I used to post everyday, so this sporadic business has sucked.

Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

You can expect an apartment post soon!

P.S. I few things I have gotten to do recently include seeing my favorite band, 311. They played a secret show and it was amazing. If you’re a fan, or if you have yet to hear of the band but love good music, check out their new album Uplifter. It’s perfect for summer!

I also stood in line early in the morning to meet Mark Hoppus and buy Blink 182 tickets. Pete Wentz (Mrs. Ashley Simpson was also there).

Photos courtesy of: my camera,, and Sunset Strip Real Estate for Sale


gd said...

hey, i'm a journalist too. You're lucky meeting Mark Hoppus, i love him too, blink 182 never wrong.

i'll follow ur blog to stay informed. Maybe you can follow mine too. Nice to know you n ur blog!!

Kate said...

How exciting! Congrats on the move :)

Meg said...

Congrats on moving and having a waaaaay better compute!

Unknown said...

oh how exciting!! can't wait to see the new posts in LA!

Tough Cookie said...

Conrats on the move! And cute pics! Thank you so much again for the win! I hope you get my e-mail!

Tough Cookie said...

And thank you for the lovely plug below for my blog. Very very kind of you.

caroline said...

AWWW SO EXCITING about the move! congrats! i've totally been MIA too... funny how life just gets so fast! anyway, enjoy moving in and decorating and i can't wait to see pics!

Angela said...

congrat on the move, driving really sucks.

Syed said...

Wow, wow, wow how wonderfully exciting! Congratulations on the move, hope you're enjoying the new apartment :)