Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Black & White

Many may say I am plain, but I prefer the term classic. I love old things, history, and black & white colors. I am trying to decorate my apartment in all black and white, well at least the art.

About a year ago, my eye was caught by a breathtaking framed photo sold at Target. However, it was a little pricey and I lived with my parents still and had nowhere to put it. Here is is, in all of its magnificence =) :
I know it's simple, but I adore it. It measures 29in x 41 in x 3 in. Now that I have a place to hang it, the last photo left at my local Target is damaged. I may order online. It's $100 though, and I have been spending a lot on apartment necessities, so I may hold off. Here are some more great pieces of black and white art that can be found at Target online, all for $100 as well. The first one also measures 29 in x 41 in x 3 in, and the second is 20 in x 20 in:

I also came across another great piece, that's only $44. It measures 12in x 12in:

I would take any of these great pictures! I found two similar ones at Kohls that were smaller (about 12 in x 12 in) and cheaper. Both were only $40 together. Kohls frequently has buy one get one free art deals. The images I have are similar to the first two pictured above and I love them. Unfortunately I couldn't find them online =(
Photos courtesy of: Target.com


Anonymous said...

I bought three different black and white photos while at Target a few years ago. Two of them are of waves breaking over rocks which are both about 12X12 and the third is a forest scene with fog which is about twice the size. Every time someone new comes in my house the compliment me on them and are surprised they came from Target. So I can relate. Relax though they are always having sales and rotating stock so keep your eye out you will find something you love at a great price. I had nothing when I moved and it took me a while to set up my home but everything was a meaningful purchase and now they all feel special rather than if I had just ran out and bought a bunch of stuff to fill a space. Have fun with it and good luck in your new place.

Robin Bailey said...

Oh, I want them.
I room is is filled with black & white photos.
These would fit perfectly.


Angela said...

these images are so surreal. beautiful.

Mrs. McB said...

I love those from Target. Almost bought them, but the price got me too!