Monday, July 27, 2009

I was Quoted in the NY Post!

I was that kid in high school that knew what she wanted to be when she grew up--a journalist. Inevitably I went directly into that major in college. The only time I faltered is when I couldn't get my classes and was forced to spend an extra year in college. Instead of giving up on my dream, I added a second major, American Studies. So I guess it wasn't that bad, I got two degrees out of the inconvienence =)

Anyways, my last job I was definately in a journalism postion. I wrote articles and was a managing editor for a successful blog. Now, not so much. I get to write here on JTG, but it's not the same. This blog is really casual of course.

So last week you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I was contacted by a writer at the NY Post (famous for Page Six)! I was asked to do an interview regarding a taping of the upcoming movie "Funny People."

At the begining of the year I had the opportunity to see Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, and countless comedians do standup in LA which would be used for the movie. Somehow the NY Post writer came across my blog post (read it here) and wanted to get my insight into the night!

Of course I agreed and did the interview, which came out this past Sunday. Unfortunately he must have not liked the movie because the article wasn't exactly positive. My quote used wasn't the best out of all that I provided, but it was used to accomplish what he was going for I guess.

Check out the NY Post article now to see my five seconds of online quotage fame =)

Also, be sure to catch the flick this weekend when it opens in theaters.

Here's a video of one of the actors, Aziz Ansari, in character, playing Raaaaaaaandy (that's with eight A's). He's so hilarious, even though the jokes are pretty dirty. I hear he isn't in the movie much, but I give him props for being such a "funny person."

Photos courtesy of: NY Post


steph said...

I can watch this video over and over again. Really wish I could see him in person! God he was so funny Raaaaaaaandy!

Great job! I am really excited for you.

yiqin; said...

So proud of you to be quoted :)

Marian said...

this is wonderful honey! super happy for you.congrats girl!

casual cutie said...

congrats for you. i'm so proud with you....

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

UMMMM...hello! You failed to mention this to me! CONGRATULATIONS! You should blow it up and frame it. That would be cool art for your new home.

Anna, aka "ShoeSmitten" said...

Way to go lady! I can imagine how exciting that would be. Proud of you :)