Friday, July 17, 2009

The Perfect Little Non-Black Dress

It's summer so I need to liven things up a bit in the wardrobe department. I tend to be drawn to black clothing, but decided to venture out for an upcoming afternoon wedding that I am attending. I wanted something fun and flirty--this is what I came up with:

Sold for $27.80 at Forever 21

It's looks a little funky here, but it's really cute!

I also found a really cute button up dress in navy blue with a flower print. It's very dainty (ruffles on the shoulders), and the style looks very vintage. The dress is about the same price as the one above. I'll be wearing it to a bridal shower this weekend and try to take pictures.

Photo courtesy of: Forever 21


J said...

ooo super cute! cant wait to see the pics!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I was just eyeing this dress on Forever 21's website yesterday. I love the fact that the print is so reminiscent of peacock feathers; and the tiers are terrific. Post pictures soon! :)

Meg said...

Summer is a great time of year to wear colour.

Trendology said...

I think I saw this in the store- very cute and seems like the perfect dress for this weather.

TINA said...

What a fun and funky little dress; I absolutely love the print, it's so fun. Have fun at your bridal shower!


P.S. You may remember that sometime in February I disappeared from the blogosphere...just wanted announce to my fellow bloggers that I have decided to officially return to my blog, and I have a new post up! ♥

casual cutie said...

so sexy and cute. the price are friendly. love it!!!

Tiffany G. said...

SHUT UP! no way...i'm madly in love with this dress. i saw it at F21 a couple months ago and i tried it on like 19 times hoping that one of those times it would fit better. Unfortunately it was too short and i looked like big bird. but i am glad that you get to enjoy the fabulousness of it! JEALUOS!

A New England Girl said...

looooove this dress! I haven't been able to get on the Forever21 bandwagon, but a lot of bloggy friends have posted photos of their clothing items- I might have to change my mind about this store! :)

Tonia said...
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