Friday, July 10, 2009

Which Store Will Reign in the Rain Boots Department?

The other day I came across a pain of rain boots and thought they were just darling. Here they are:

Today, while surfing a Web site, I came across a smilier pair which you can see below:

I apologize for the pictures not being the same size, but you can see that these boots are very similar. The both have a buckle on the calf, as well as thick soles. Here's the test...which ones do you think are more expensive?

If you chose pair #2, you're right!

The first pair are Women's Merona® Zabrina Dot Rain Boots from Target that sell for $24.99 and the second are $59.95 Chooka Signature Printed Rain Boots from Nordstrom. That's not a crazy difference, but it's over $30.

Upon comparing the details of both boots, the only difference is that the Nordstrom boots' calf buckle adjusts to fit leg sizes--which is great because I have large calves. The Target buckle looks like it is just for design. So in my case, if I were to purchase one of these pairs I may have to go with the Chookas. However, if size isn't an issue I would def go for the cheaper pair.

It's so crazy to me that Fall items are coming out in catalogues already. It's barely summer! I do like the whole rain boot trend that seems to cross all season lines, though. There are so many different styles to choose from now. Check out these awesome pairs, all at Target retailing for $24.99:

There are five pages of rainboots, so if you're in the market for a pair Target is a great option! The only problem is trying to decide which style to buy! I must say, I have my eye on a pair with an anchor design!

Photos courtesy of: Target and Nordstrom


Cafe Fashionista said...

It hardly ever rains in Southern California; even so, I love the style. I think that the polka dots are my fave - tres cute! :)

kimvee said...

I love the houndstooth rain boots! I purchased my rain boots from Target :P

Meg said...

I love rain boots, but I find that a lot of pairs leak, which is totally annoying.

Unknown said...

OMG I did even better on my rain boots a couple months ago I bought them on and got them shipped to my house for free for somewhere between 15-20. Not much better of a deal but they did adjust and are good quality!

A New England Girl said...

These are great!! I wish I had come across such darling little pairs when I was in wet, soggy and VERY rainy Scotland... these could have come in handy and I would have had so many excuses to buy them. :)
I love the designs on most of these... I may need to head to Target. :)

Syed said...

I am really loving the polka dot designs. I sooo need some new rainboots for autumn!!

casual cutie said...

i love the polkadot. love the design. so unique and cuteee....