Sunday, January 22, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Garrett Hedlund

Today's Man Candy Monday is actually one recommended via Twitter! When Garrett Hedlund was suggested I had no clue who he was so I Googled him...then oogled over his photos. Um, he's DEF Man Candy Monday worthy. Since I know nothing about him, this post will be a learning experience for me, and maybe some of you.

Source: via Leeann on Pinterest

Source: via Leeann on Pinterest

Garrett John Hedlund

September 3, 1984

Roseau, Minnesota

Interesting Facts
-Grew up on a farm as a young child.
-Moved to LA right after graduation and within a month was cast in Troy alongside Brad Pitt.
-Was a huge fan of Tim McGraw then played his son in the movie Friday Night Lights.

Notable Roles
Country Strong
Georgia Rule
Four Brothers
Friday Night Lights

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Christianna said...

Ummmm, hello there, hunky looking fellow! He's such a looker!

Anonymous said...

ohhh my boy.<3

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

He's a cutie.

Brianna said...

He's a cutie!! You definitely need to see some (or all!) of the movies he's been in, I've loved them all!! annnnnd he's pretty to look at (:

Josie said...

Um. Yes. That third photo? YES.
xo Josie

Wendy (SpikesnSparkles) said...

I had no idea who he was, but I agree he's totally man candy worthy!

Jules said...

I didn't know his name, but knew he was damn hot after seeing Tron. He's actually the one that made that movie more bearable (that and the fact that it was 3D). He's definitely a worthy pick for Man Candy Monday! That 2nd photo...swoon!

siddathornton said...

he is sooooooo cute!

Marz said...

I LOVED him in Country Strong!! His character was amazing! I also love the song him and Leighton Meester did called "Give into Me" for the soundtrack. SO good.

Sarah Z said...

You forgot to mention Death Sentence. He was amazing in that movie.

his little lady said...

i just know him from the newer version of Tron that came out last year. such a cutie!
xo TJ

Alyson said...

Mmm, I've never heard of him either but he's way good looking!

Claire Kiefer said...

Too pretty boy for me, but I'm glad you found a new hunk to drool over!

C said...

He's cute!!! I've never heard of him before either. I'll definitely be watching out for him!

Rebecca said...

He's cute. I haven't heard of him nor seen him before... I don't think. Thanks so much for the hop. I joined in as well :) Love looking at all the sexy men

Shutterbug said...

i don't know who he is, but I do want to get to know him! Great pick for this week's man candy! :)

Vasu said...

oh my god....simply the pictures

Kate said...

LOVE him! So sexy in Country Strong. You must see it. Like Marz said, his duet with Leighton Meester is so good!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

He's a cutie!