Monday, April 14, 2014

DZ at Sea

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Delta Zeta alums
Newport Beach Sunset

As a Delta Zeta alum, every now and again I accompany Kathrin to formals (she's an advisor). This year when she mentioned it was on a boat in Newport Beach I was all in! I mean, a chance to take in a gorgeous sunset overlooking the ocean? Sold.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, I have TWO giveaways! Also on JTG this week, a glitter champagne bottle tutorial + I'm hitting The Voice red carpet again and will have coverage of that. Stay tuned!

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Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

The sunset looks so pretty. You looked fabulous, love the lip color.

Marie said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Love your necklace!!

Best, Mree

Setarra said...

Gorgeous sunset! This makes me wish I lived closer to the beach,the closest one is a 3 hour drive away :/

Nichole @ said...

How fun and fancy does your weekend look?!

Lauren said...

love your hair!! you and Kathrin look fab!

Alyson said...

What a great way to get together with some old friends! Gorgeous photos!


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

You look so pretty with your red lipstick. :) And that sunset? Amazing!

Unknown said...

Aw you look all fancy :) Never pass up an occasion to be dressed up on a boat lol

List Addict said...

I hear you!! Any excuse for a boat trip. Looks like it was gorgeous. Thanks so much for hosting!!