Friday, October 31, 2014

Easy Ways to Look More Polished

Today I have a great guest post by Elisabeth of Headbands and Bagels! She's bringing us workplace fashion tips. It's perfect for me since I started a job this week, and the attire is business casual, which I'm haven't had to dress for in years.

Easy Ways to Look More Polished

1. Pick your outfit the night before. This can help prevent you from mismatching from grabbing clothes too fast.

2. A cami is an office gals best friend. Especially if you have a larger chest like me, you are always better off throwing on a thin cami underneath to protect you from flashing just a bit too much cleavage. Also opt for higher cut necklines that leave it up to the imagination.

3. Not tailoring your clothes, especially pants. You don't want to be that person hiking their pants up throughout the day. Invest a few dollars in a tailor to take your pieces from nice to exceptional. I have a tailor I go to all the time. I know that I have big boobs and a butt with a smaller waist. So I often need dress and skirt hems modified to cover more in the back and pants to be brought in at the waist.

4. Put on all your accessories and then take one off. Especially at work go for one statement piece of jewelry and let the rest be more subtle or ditch the statement all together and go for a printed top or dress instead.

5. Carry the smallest bag you can. You know us. As women we keep adding to our bags until they are bulging. Take only the size you need for that day's tasks and pare down to the essentials for that day.

6. When in doubt go with a midsize heel. I am a huge flats fan, but they don't go with every look. I also know that I feel most powerful in a great pair of mid height heels. They give instant polish while remaining comfortable enough to navigate the streets.

7. Always have a power outfit for any occasion. Have your go to look for work, casual weekends and nights out, so that if you find yourself in an outfit rut, you have an immediate backup choice that you know makes you feel good and look good.

Go say hi to Elisabeth over at Headbands and Bagels. I've had the pleasure of hanging out with her a few times and she's awesome. You'll love her!


Leaving the Corner & Dipping My Toes said...

Definitely picking your outfit the night before makes a huge difference, when I don't do it I leave the house in the same jeans and tee ensemble all the time.


The Southern Thing said...

I'm so bad at preplanning my outfits. Every morning it's a scavenger hunt to put together an outfit before making it our the door too late.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I agree to having go to outfits. Always better know what works for you for those special occasions. I tend to be a flats girl for work since I have to move and walk a lot!