Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hats Are a Summer Must-Have

Hats are sometimes difficult for me to buy. I want to shade myself from the sun and its damaging rays, but I tend to feel like I look like a boy when wearing them. So, here are some feminine/functional styles that I found. These caps are perfect for summer, whether lounging at the beach or running errands.

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Anu said...

Those are super cute. I need to get a new one because i've heard my friends and family threatening an intervention of sorts. apparently the one i wear now looks like it was worn by a fisherman in the 80s. the 1880s that is. and i'm also laughed at for being the brown chick that wears spf 50+, a hat, and sunglasses. i love the cynthia rowley for target hat. my friends and family thank you i'm sure.