Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Bought the Wrong Steve Maddens!

So, as you may or may not have read, I recently blogged about a pair of fabulous Steve Madden boots that I adore. After a stressful week, I decided to do some retail therapy and buy them. Only problem is, I bought the wrong style!

I thought it was weird that I couldn't get the boots to go up to my knees (they scrunch up mid-calf), but the saleswoman assured me that they weren't supposed to. Well we were both right. The boots I bought weren't supposed to go to my knees, but the boots I want are. 

They look really similar. The style that I wanted, Bonanza, are on the left. The style I bought, Tianna, are on the right.  

Although the Tianna boots look almost identical to the Bonanza ones, they are different. It's weird because the boots on the right look taller, but they slouch really low.

While both pairs are cute, I think I'm going to return the ones I bought and 
buy the Bonanzas.

I want to hear what you think though. Do you prefer knee-high boots, or the calf style?

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MyFashionAddictions said...

omg! that is one of my biggest fears.. but when it comes to ordering online lol. i would DEFINITLY return if they arent your style.
to be honest though i like the mid calf ones. b/c they look good with short shorts, skirts but also skinny jeans tucked into them.:)

Syed said...

Oh no, that's irritating!! I guess you could return them, but as for which I prefer, it depends on the person really!

TINA said...

I'm sorry to hear that! I would definitley return them too.

Actually, I love both styles. They both look good with jeans/shorts/skirts.

Very cute boots, though - I love slouchy style boots!

That skirt WAS scarily acurate...

I'm not a big fan of the look eaither, but I do, however, like the scarf.

Tina {Your Everyday Style}

P.S. Thanks for visiitng my blog. :)

Ivelina FriChic said...

Knee high, knee high, great to wear with leggings, gives you that is-that-a-pant-in-you-boots look :)

As to how to wear leggings... well, I am still experimenting myself but try some t-shirt dresses with sweaters or long cardigans over them; or shorts/skirts in the same color and oversized shirts/blazer; or t-shirt and long cardi and long scarf to hide your front :).

You shouldn't miss on them, they have great potential, the trick is to blend colors so that you are not very exposed.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Although I don't have a pair yet, I dig the ankle boot. I think they are so 80s chic -- of course though, it must be the right style for me. To me, knee highs are a given -- especially the flat boot. Oh...I like em both, what can I say! Finding the right pant and skirts to wear with both is essential though!

Jadore-Fashion said...

omg, sorry about that. love the mid calf--they will look good with anything from pants to shorts! :)


Angela said...

knee high for me though calf length is a cute alternative too.