Friday, April 1, 2011

Ocean Dream's Spring Dress Inspiration

I'm thrilled to do a blog post today for Leeann and since spring time has been on my mind I thought I would write about some recent spring dresses that have caught my eye!

But before I dive in let me introduce myself...

My name is Sierra and I'm a blogger over at my dreamy blog home called Ocean Dreams. I'm also a featured blogger at where I blog about fashion, brands and stores twice a week. So as you can see I love to write and especially about fashion!

So let's check out some amazingly cute and sweet dresses!

I am a big fan of ruffles and I've seen them everywhereso far this spring! With this flowy dress I'd feel like I was a part of a fairy tale come true. Plus the "waves" kind of remind me of the ocean. ;)

This dress reminds me a little bit of sailing with its stripes. I also adore the ruffled sleeve and cute ribbon-lined chest pocket.

I wish I could buy this dress right now not only because I love the darling white tee but the bright florals on this dress are so delightful! This dress looks super comfy and perfect for brightening up your wardrobe during spring and summer time.

I've always been a sucker for turquoise. It's the dreamer in me and besides this dress is drop dead gorgeous.

Another favorite color of mine is yellow. It's bright like the sun and instantly you can be cheered up just by slipping a yellow dress on!

Pineapple Princess $86 at Shabby Apple

A delicious dress has the right amount of color and ruffles and for me this coral dress does the trick. I wish I could buy this dress right now too!

What's your favorite type of dress? Are you into the ruffles, bright colors, and lace this season?

I certainly am and can't wait to go shopping in CA for dresses!

{I'll be visiting CA for a month} even though it's more like home since I lived there for 7 years. I'm bound and determined to move back soon but that's another story.

Oh and guess who I get to meet while I'm in sunny CA?! No other than Leeann! I can't wait to meet you girl.

It was nice "meeting" all of you here and hope you are able to stock up on some adorable dresses for the spring time!

This is Leeann now, I just wanted to say that you should definitely check out Sierra's blog! Ocean Dreams is a great go to for various topics and on top of being a great blogger, she's super sweet!


Alyson said...

That F21 dress is SO cute, and the Lulu's? Adore! Great finds for spring.


love jenny xoxo said...

great picks!! I'm going to have to go to forever 21, what amazing deals!!!


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Loved this. :) Hehe. I'm biased. I am an Ocean Dreamer. ;)

Happy weekend.


Josie said...

I love that first ruffled dress and the coral one -- Super cute!
xo Josie

sarah - dodeline design said...

Oh dear, I have to buy that floral dress immediately. At least it's super inexpensive :-)

SassyScorp said...

must find that blue dress.

CUTE finds. You may have made me broke.

Claire Kiefer said...

You'll have so much fun with Leann!! I love summery dresses, cause I also live in California and I pretty much wear dresses every day (even in the winter). I really like bright colors & florals these days, although solid dresses have been catching my eye as well. xo

Anonymous said...

the first one is my fave. i wasn't a fun of ruffles until last year. it always reminded me of my grandma and this ugly thing my mom used to make me wear when i was little. i guess ruffles when made properly and designed well can be a good thing :)

stylefrontier said...

what a lovely guest post!
i really love the first dress


Sierra said...

Thanks so much for this guest post Leeann - I can't wait to see you in CA and now looking at these dresses again I want to buy them, ha ha! Oh and I think you're pretty sweet yourself. xo.

Audrey Allure said...

Great guest post, loving that floral Forever 21 dress -- floral, lace & maxis are my faves for spring/summer!

Meghan said...

I love that Shabby Apple dress!

Stephanie said...

I love knowing that such beautiful dresses are so affordable!

Eternally yours,

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That coral number from Lulu's is uber gorgeous!

Jules said...

Ruffles are a favorite of mine too because they’re so feminine and girly. I love bright colors for spring, especially turquoise and coral. The dress from Forever 21 and Lulu’s are my favorites.

this free bird said...

I love that Royal Wave dress. Have a great time in LA! LeeAnn goes to some pretty amazing restaurants so meet over eat (and then shop?) hehe.


Jen said...

I'll take the turquoise dress!! Oh how I love that gorgeous color!

Happy Monday Darling! xo

KDC Events said...

LOVE the Bonita Barcelona Halter Coral Dress! I love that color!!!! I am going to go check out her blog now =)